Multimedia Resources

With each of these spaces, consider design, function and purpose as you explore them so the technology doesn’t dictate your site design, your information presentation dictates the tool(s) you use!!!

**Feel free to suggest pages to add to this list**

Stumble Upon

Stumble upon is an aggregation of ‘cool’ sites based on categories. Users can then rate (thumbs up or thumbs down) the pages similar to reddit. This site allows you to browse through what other people like (understanding, experiencing rhetorical meaning making strategies of stumbleupon members), to select categories to browse through (understanding organization and layout when managing data, seeing various layout presentations for ideas/examples), and to see how people rate other pages (rhetorical meaning making strategies).

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a site that allows you to create an icon to License your work on the internet on the space you create. I highly recommend you use this site and these licenses with the work you create online, to help protect you! You don’t have to use this one, explore your options, but consider how best to protect your work and best to create a digital presence for yourself outside Facebook 🙂

***Word Cloud Generators***


Great word cloud generator. Doesn’t always work on browsers, but generally very helpful.


Lets you insert images into your word cloud, which is pretty fun. The problem is you determine the relative size of all your words. So for an assignment where I want the generator to show the main idea so I know whether my writing is correct, this tool isn’ tvery helpful (unless there is more I can discover about it later). For deliberate word clouds, this is amazing.

Tag Crowd

A really cool word generator that pulls the main words out of a chunk of writing. Very helpful for pointing out main idea and focus. I will try this with students this semester.

Word It Out

This free word cloud generator lets you save, and has a few pastel background colors that are very pretty.

***Websites and Blogs*** Platforms for e-Portfolios

Google Sites (available as a Google resource through your NAU email. through a personal gmail account, etc)

Plug and play website design. It limits your options in many ways, but also allows for the creation of very basic website layout to house all the information you need.

Google Drive has many apps to help with all sorts of design.


A fancier plug and play version of Google Sites. I’ve created a few free, and all the video tutorials (YAY!) make it easy to use. A good way to design a website. Unless you want to pay, the URL is terrible. for an example


WordPress is a free blog/website creator. Very powerful plug-ins, tools, modifications available to users interested in learning the space.


Weebly is a free website creator.  Similar to and different than WordPress all at the same time. Again, powerful plug-ins, tools, modifications if you just play and experiment.


Edublogs is a platform for schools, specifically designed to allow teachers to protect students. You’ll have to spend time exploring the rules to see if a class blog, linked blogs, etc. will best support pedagogy.

***Image related tools/links***


Free to students and teachers, this web/iphone/ipad tool allows users to upload pictures, then add notes/tags to various parts of the image. See my first try at:


Love Pinterest and the wall categorization model? Then you’ll love Padlet. This site lets you create a wall, boards, images, text, etc. Very user friendly and extractable (especially to WordPress)


Not totally free – but educational accounts available. A mix between infographics and Pinterest. I’m still exploring this, so I’m not sure how extractable these created boards are.


Annotate pictures…..think meme like.


Turn any image/picture into a talking image or picture – your words on a funny/serious picture.


Make an avatar cartoon of you and your friends – downloadable apps for Kindle Fire, Android, iPhone and now Facebook integration

Another meme tool, bring your own photo or not. lots of inspiration available.

Let’s you add all sorts of stuff to images! meme like, and used for Badges/Gamification in education. if you don’t create an account, but just edit then save the file locally this is FREE! 🙂 I haven’t explored the accounts

***Infographics and Data Visualization tools***


A great free site to create data visualizations. The tables, graphs, charts can be exported to many different sites and spaces so users can explore data visuals to make your data pop.


Infographics!! This site has a variety of membership options with free options for education with limited templates. This provides tools to show your data/information in short bursts of text with images, colors and schemes to help learners/users visualize your ideas.


infographics for your resume. Could be very helpful depending on your industry.


This is my new favorite infographic site, it’s free with AMAZING templates!

***Video Related***


Create videos!!!


Tell a story though pictures.


Animated video making tool


Video sharing tool. Can restrict who access to the content (so the video isn’t available to all of YouTube). Restrictions on size with the free accounts.

***I don’t have a category for these yet***


This allows a user to post the same message to Facebook, Twitter and Linked in across 12 user accounts. It’s a great approach to send info across platforms and accounts without linking them.

ALSO – they have a great blog for strategies and approaches to effective social media usage for messages.

Post Planner

Post Planner allows users to send viral messages to Facebook to help with marketing strategies. They claim to also provide content, reducing the time required to craft an effective message. (as an english teacher I’m conflicted about a company providing content for my message, but that’s what happens when you study rhetoric for too long, I don’t doubt their effectiveness, I just can’t imagine someone crafting my message for me).

Post Planner also has a very interesting blog ( This focuses on viral messages, photos, etc, but the focus is very heavy on the idea of viral messaging. I think that’s what sets this company/space apart from others.

***Big Data Tools***


slideshare (

Fluxtime (

skitch – attached to evernote

how to use evernote better:

UberConference – allows a whole bunch of people to video conference on their phones


word cloud generators — wordle, wordsift, word it out, tagul, wordmosaic – assignments to use these?



easy bib

wikispaces classroom

haiku deck (photoboard research project?)


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