About me

I am a digital rhetoric scholar and Assistant Professor of English/Digital Media at Millersville University. Most of my work focuses on learning through and with technology, blending rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric and multimedia learning theory. I am currently writing about the use of Twitter in freshman and junior-level composition courses. Additionally, I am working on projects exploring learning through videogames and makerspaces. I explore these approaches to learning and the implications for learning in the composition classroom.

I currently teach courses in Freshmen Composition, Business Writing, and Technical Writing at the undergraduate level. I have previously taught courses in Digital Rhetoric, Ancient Rhetoric, Videogames and Literacies, and Participatory Culture and Social Media at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and both online and face-to-face. My research informs my pedagogy in these courses, and I regularly employ multimedia learning, Twitter, blogs, multimedia projects, and problem based learning to help students experience, learn from, and reflect on learning with technology to feel more comfortable and gain more experience with design and writing. You can view more information about my approach to education and sample courses [here].

In my previous position at Northern Arizona University I coordinated, with the Interdisciplinary Writing Program and the Rhetoric, Writing and Digital Media studies areas of the English department at Northern Arizona University, the Undergraduate Videogame Symposium (Spring 2014, Spring 2015, and Spring 2016). This symposium was designed to support student professional development and research about videogames. In addition to my roles as a steering committee member and guest speaker, I also design Alternate Reality Games to support learning about and discussion of videogames at an academic conference. You can view the website for the 2015 ARG here.

Prior to my work at MU and NAU, I earned a PhD in Rhetoric, Composition and Linguistics from Arizona State University where I was awarded an “Outstanding Graduate Student” award at the December 2013 commencement. My dissertation, Building Syllabi for Online Classes: A Case Study of Course Management Tool Use in Online Composition Courses, looks at the discussion of learning management system tools in syllabi for online composition courses and how those design choices in the syllabi influence perception of the online course space. This work continues to influence how multimedia learning theory (Mayer) can be used to develop online courses and online components of face-to-face/hybrid courses. I continue to work with Faculty Professional Development to discuss tool choices, such as word clouds and gamification, within learning management systems to design good learning for students.

Please see my CV for a more complete list of publications, conference presentations, research interests, and courses taught. Current CV: Curriculum Vitae

Feel free to also browse my YouTube channel for videos created for online Graduate Courses in Rhetoric, Writing and Digital Media courses at NAU.


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