the content question

I was asked to provide information for a Summer Graduate Institute – and my area of focus is videogames. I was asked a while ago if I as interested, so this was an opportunity I was aware would be forthcoming. Yesterday I was then tagged in a Facebook post about this summer Media Institute with a note about the value of the course in teaching media literacy to educators.

I have half a day and then a workshop to cover videogames and education, so now I’m asking myself “the content question” that is so often asked of videogames and education in general.

The exciting part is there is workshop time, so students of the course will have time to engage with these ideas, to apply them, to do something. I can exemplify the principles of game based learning through application. The bad part is, THERE IS SO MUCH I WANT TO COVER!!! Now I also have the challenge of addressing media literacy and the classroom application of these ideas.

So, what should I cover in the content?

  1. Game-Based Teaching and Learning (GBTL)
    1. Game-Based Learning
    2. Gamification
    3. Game Inspired
    4. Game-like learning
  2. The content question
    1. Good learning
    2. Instrinsic and extrinisic rewards
    3. Group work
    4. Transfer
    5. James Paul Gee
    6. Jane McGonigal
    7. Betty Hayes Gee – Holmes
  3. Multiliteracies
    1. Which raises the question in my mind what is the relationship among multiliteracies, learning, and media literacy (with the critical reflection and questioning inherent in media literacy practices in the current media environment)
  4. Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards
  5. Reflection on game-based learning – media literacy connections
  6. Games in the classroom
    1. popular games
    2. educational games
    3. serious games
    4. how much vocab can I really expect them to remember even with cheat sheets…….
  7. Game design in the classroom
  8. Gaming the classroom
  9. Connections to Hour of Code (do schools still support these?)

Well as I made the list I started drawing connections between some of my ideas at least, so that’s a start. I’ll have to work through mind maps to draw better, stronger connections and to provide useful overviews to the students participating! I have a start to the content, now to determine how much can be covered with game-based learning (to design a game) and how much can be game-inspired during the more traditional ‘lecture’ pieces.



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