Fall 2017 Grad Course

As we’re planning Fall 2017 courses (already!!!), here is the initial course description for a Grad class I’ll be teaching. We’re currently working on ways to ensure enrollment.


ENGL 671 Special Topics in Rhetoric: Participatory Culture and Social Media Studies


Participatory Culture and Social Media Studies introduces students to the theories, critical concepts and methods relating to Participatory Culture and Social Media. It offers a critical examination of the functions, use and embeddedness of social media. Through assignments and readings, this course offers a critical reflection on participatory culture within social media to enable students to develop effective social media communication strategies. By exploring participatory culture through social media, students will better understand how individual internet users develop strong relationships using text and images, and how participants within spaces develop complex literacies practices


This course uses social media throughout the term to explore the theories of participatory culture and social media. Students will conduct a semester long study of a group on social media to better understand the literacies practices within a group and how those literacies influence reading and writing practices.



Possible Readings:

danah boyd It’s Complicated

James Paul Gee What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy

De Kosnik Rogue Archives

Brown-Martin Learning {Re}Imagined

Eyman Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice

Arroyo and Kimoto Participatory Composition

Jenkins and Purushotma Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture


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