Tweeting in the Class

I’m working with a former student on a paper about Twitter in the class – we are both using it to support student learning, and now we’re working through ways to collect data (to see who is participating more than just grading), refine our approaches (for the sake of student learning more than just an article), figure out what our students are learning about writing with this approach.

So, to quick analyze my data, I used TAGS to scrape the Twitter API for my course hashtags, then I used a Word Cloud (Tagul) for brief analysis on word count. This is just to get an idea what is trending for ideas in the feed.


Since there are a significant number of small words, there is a lot of variety. With sharing this, I’m hoping to consider new ways to use Twitter in the class, and new ways to visualize students tweets, this is just step one – create and share.

More as this idea continues to develop…..


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