ARG Design Steps

As we move forward with quest deployment, we continue to make minor modifications immediately before go-live. With the format of our ARG, this works. As we began the design process, early last summer (like June early) we began researching articles, websites, ideas, curriculum that rely on ARG design principles to assist us in creating our particular game. There are a few amazing powerpoints that discuss the steps design teams should engage with, or stumble through, as they design an ARG for deployment. With a lack of a full design team as envisioned by most of these principles, and with a budget of zero, we found that even stumbling through a combination of these steps was not the right approach for us. Now, these guides are simply that, guides, we fully understood that.

So my problem is, my students will begin their ARG design in the very near future (2 weeks). I’m planning to provide the same background documents we used, and I intend to outline our steps and the thought process. Will this outlining of the steps be useful to them? Will these steps be useful to others interested in ARG design that results in creative making? or, were these simply the steps we used to design our vonstrausheimer end product and new information/ideas will need to be considered as we move forward with other game designs for future iterations of the symposium?

As I begin considering game design for our jts@symposium game, I’m re-walking the steps that previously worked for us, but maybe that’s more reliant on group dynamics and knowing what Chris and Everett can accomplish instead of reusing neutral steps because they are an effective process for game design.

in case you’d like to see it,


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