what does research look like?

In this digital era, I find students often struggle with research, research questions, and suitable research materials (secondary sources from credible sources). Going to the library to research is no longer a task most students undertake. Most of the up-to-date resources available to us live on the internets in various forms and formats, with various entry points. as I’m finalizing my syllabus for a rhetoric capstone about Social Media and Participatory Culture I’m wondering, what does research look like? to fully understand rhetorics on the internets do we need to become creative and academic? Well…….my students will 🙂

For Spring 2015 I’m asking students to document research – they’ll engage in a semester long project (i’m recommending Tumblr) where they demonstrate what research looks like. I’m interested to see similarities and differences. I’ve started my own npfann.tumblr.com so I can also experience the stress, difficulties, light-bulb moments, fun and frustration of a brand new project. more on this later……..


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