I spoke with my husband today about the need for a mix of STEM type education and Humanities type education. While at a wonderful event put on by a writing program in my department, I spoke with undergrad and grad interns who designed websites to display English related grammar and writing help. While unlike many I’ve seen the problem remain, the same, how do you motivate students to use a pull system? How do you inform students about the existence of said pull system? And how do you determine what words students know, how to teach them vocab and writing concepts, and then how to encourage them to continue past that hurdle to gain information? I felt like there was a large gap in understanding how the internet argues and functions rhetorically. A FB friend then circulated an Oatmeal comic about Biology and science teaching you how to create an experiment and Humanities teaching when to conduct the experiment.

This all brought me back to my ARG design….i’m ARG obsessed lately!!

So we’ve designed the beginning and end goals of our game design, ending with students continuing the story by creatively making a product of their choosing, with the technology they feel comfortable with. We’ll then offer similar engagement  at our event with creative making. So now i’m wondering, in a loop type thinking as above….. is the creative making something I’m tacking on to the ARG design, or did this approach to application of thinking always exist with ARG design just in different conceptualization of artifacts? I think ARGs require some level of creative making to advance. I think this is determined by designers, some ask for learning spaces with creative making, others don’t.

What I’m interested to see now, is can I tell the difference between a STEM student playing my game and designing and artifact, and a Humaniti3s student playing my game and designing an artifact? The same will be true at our event, can we tell the difference? Does the major matter, or the context of application? I will have to consider methodological approaches to this….. I’ll want to involve student voices as their stories to creating will be most informative, so how do I go about that?


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