yup…..still designing

I found many helpful “How to design an ARG” type articles, powerpoints, websites, etc. But…….it’s not that easy. The problem we’re encountering is we know the ideas and missions to introduce players to the game – we’re still working on the exact technology but we’re keeping it simple – and we know how we want the game to end to transition to our event. How do we keep players involved in the middle? How do we make decisions for them on how many missions they’ll complete and how involved they’ll become in our game? Those are really hard questions. We can design too much so it seems overwhelming or we could design too little so people become bored. We know prizes, leader boards and other approaches will help with motivation, but even those only go so far. Since I’ll be turning this assignment around on my Videogames and Literacies students next semester, I’m trying to consider and create materials synthesizing sources I’ve been using to provide a more detailed idea of what the design for learning phase looks like or can look like, ideas for design templates, ideas for drafting missions/quests, considerations for timelines of events and deployment of the game, and ideas for drafting story. There are Libraries, Museums and Newspapers now using parts of these elements to ask the public to help archive, understand, and tag materials they have in storage – so this ARG approach to life is becoming slightly more mainstream, but still niche. I think that makes it more important than ever to consider how new approaches to learning and engagement could increase critical thinking. Let’s be overly idealistic – someone could play one of these variations of games and help reduce the effects of global warming, change education about Ebola, the world could be a very different, amazing place!


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