and now for designing

well….we’re at the brainstorming phase. with our previous JtS game we focused on moving people beyond ice breaker challenges, beyond scavenger hunts, but we weren’t quite at the interactive immersed learning. we were more focused on designing quests – that could be played, or not played – to help students understand how to attend a symposium. we’ll have new attendees this year, but we want to take our game design a step further making them aware of good learning before and during our symposium. so we realize and understand the connection between design, learning [goals/objectives/content] and quests. As a professor, I understand curriculum design, determining end learning goals and demonstration of those goals, then assignments to walk students through those goals, but i’m also very aware of the required nature of courses and the grades associated with completion as motivators for completion. Now I need to remember fun, i need to design fun – while I think my lesson plans are fun they’re still lesson plans i need to think fun outside the classroom. delivery method – the shell of the game – also factors into these decisions about design and designed learning. today, right now, this seems much more daunting than designing a brand new multimedia course for graduate students. i think once it settles more, and i play with our overall theme I’ll feel more comfortable with this new version of curriculum design.


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