Maker Faires

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make the undergraduate Videogame Symposium more inclusive for student ‘presenters’ including ways of informalizing presentations I was recently inspired by a project one of my online students created – a puffy paint/glitter representation of madness in poetry using Plath. I found this website So a lot of the Maker movement encourages teachers to incorporate these ideas into class projects and group projects. I’m considering ways of encouraging these projects as extra-curricular projects that could benefit a student.

My first idea is to encourage blogs, vlogs, Tumblr, and other social media use as the Maker representation of the videogame-like argument students make. This will allow students to create virtual arguments using free social media tools, that can then be accessed during interview processes – meaning this could help students get job. Then as part of their *presentation* they stand by a computer with their page pulled up so they can engage in open dialogue about their choices and their [future] vision.

My second idea is to just see what students come up with and propose. Then make it work. This is a lot tougher because students may want guidelines, ideas, something to help them start, since this project would be completed independent of college coursework.

These ideas need more development, but I really like the idea of expanding what we allow college students to do with the arguments they encounter, and then providing space for them to showcase their ideas.


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