the New London Group identified five modes of communication that comprise their concept of multimodal literacies – aural, gestural, visual, linguistic and spatial. They discuss how these modes of communication should be combined in various forms to effectively communicate with a specific audience. While extremely helpful, in designing a learning environment for an audience, you need some idea of who the audience is, what they know, what they want to know, why they listen to your information, and so many more questions. Which brings me to my current dilemma, Phoenix Comicon. I present on Saturday, and struggle with who might be attending our panel, so I can appropriately create a presentation and live role playing game to meet their learning goals and my learning goals for the session. I have the rules of the game created with learning goal support, but how do I communicate this to an unknown audience? Since my ultimate learning goal is engaging students with the learning process through a designed live role playing game, I’m leaning toward Skyrim-type mapping in the Prezi……


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