the inside joke

there is a CFP for a special edition on memes i’m considering applying to.  i have a lot going on right now, so i’m still trying to get all my ideas in order in time, so it may or may not happen.  i’m toying with focusing on a specific social media phenomenon, the LBD, and their use of twitter and Facebook to aggregate fandom, especially fandom expressed in the form of memes.  i’ve discusssed the awesomeness that is the LBD previously, and they continue to create high quality episodes, staying fairly true to the original characters (the Lydia Vegas ending was PERFECT, a must watch for P&P fans) despite the modernization.  the fandom is epic.  Darcy has a faux facebook page just for aggregating memes, and in true Darcy fashion the memes are now categorized into photo albums on the facebook page based on the character referenced.  P&P fans LOVE the BBC 1995 version, and Colin Firth frequently pops up in the Darcy memes, earning a specific photo album for a favorite Darcy.  the Keira Knightley version also pops up, but with less frequency.  what i’ve been noticing recently is the ‘inside joke’ about these characters in the memes.  as a P&P fan i have a travel coffee mug that says “I must have my share of the conversation” with an overdressed lady with feathers in her hair on it.  clearly i’m focusing on the need for an inside joke when sharing my P&P fandom, those who have not read the book with high frequency may not remember lady C’s famous line from Hunsford (the turning point in the book really).  so in my head (hello self-psychoanalysis) only a ‘true’ fan would understand the reference and speak about it when noticing my mug.  someone who ‘doesn’t get it’ would ask what’s up with the saying.  i’m noticing a similar trend in the meme’s popping up on the Darcy facebook thread.  fans are setting the bar really high with their ‘inside jokes’ to weed out the fair-weather fans through their fandom meme art.  what is so interesting about this is the fan never sees the face/reaction of the person who gets it and the person who doesn’t.  the are/meme is created and released to ‘the internet’ (hahahahahahaha inside LBD joke right there).  if it is picked up by the Darcy thread, some comments and likes can be gauged, and the creator can certainly check on the status that way, but if/when posted elsewhere the reaction is more difficult to gauge.  Tumblr has notes (comments) and liking, and frequent Darcy memes, but not everyone chooses to comment.  so i’m wondering, as fans, do we really need/want the validation or is the inside joke why we continue to create for the internet?


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