in publishing a new anything a writer has to determine what the space should look like, they build context and build voice and agency as they begin writing and putting together their anything.  this is something we ask FYC writers to do all the time.  create agency and voice and context with topic X or topic A of your choosing for the imagined audience we’ve helped you create and envision, that includes us your professor and grader, and fulfills the assignment requirements.  in laying out assignment sheets we [instructors] strive to assist students with creating their own agency and imagining their audience to fulfill the specifics of the assignment, so they explore in writing and critical thinking what we’re hoping they have a chance to explore, so we can create metacognitive space for them to discuss this exploration to help them use it for the rest of their school careers.  assignments are tough work.  as i was thinking about writing a new post for this new space i began to realize the steps i went through were very similar to what my students go through when they write a paper.  i had to envision what i want this context to be, what i want it to represent, i had to imagine an audience reading it (although with the proliferation of blogs it may never have an audience), and i had to brainstorm acceptable topics based on what i want this space to be.  as i began thinking of how this could be more a representation of my academic self i was also reading for my dissertation chapter on learning management systems.  within most LMS there are discussion board or blog features, designed to be a mix of the ‘personal diary’ stereotype of blogs and a more educational/academic discussion board with threaded discussions for students to engage in metacognitive discussions about the topic, or busy work depending on the contextual application.  what i found most interesting in this reading, and will be discussed a bit in my dissertation is the stereotype that blogs are personal diaries and we (my generation and the generation younger than me) use them to air our dirty laundry and have fewer boundaries with sharing personal information than generations previous to us.  this seems like such a short sighted view of blogs and while diary blogs absolutely exist (and there is a recent discussion of diary blogs in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries vlog on youtube), so many other types of blogs exist that are overlooked by naysayers.  when these naysayers and computer programmers get together to envision an all encompassing learning management system that has to work for physics and english the stereotype of blogs is much more apparent, but not any more accurate.  a more robust functioning blog with editing tools similar to what is available here at wordpress seems to be the need in educational LMS so the discussion board/blog feature can be used for what it truly is, invention work.  the blogs published are not always well written and edited, but they exist as a brainstorming tool for the author, who can then publish their brainstorm work in it’s finished or incomplete version.  they exist as a way for authors to engage in invention work, work that makes a FYC professor smile. so in my LMS discussion i need to recommend ignoring the blog stereotype so the tool can be re-envisioned and re-deployed within the online classroom (or for use in the online portion of a f2f or hybrid classroom) for what the tool actually does, allow good invention work . . . . . .


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